Rebecca Stark
metal. mixed media collage
Handmade metal clocks. Techniques include etching, engraving and riveting. Shown alongside mixed media paintings and limited edition prints. Parking.
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I graduated from Art School in 1993, and have since split my time between designing and making metal clocks and Mixed Media painting. I use many metalwork techniques, including etching, engraving and riveting to create a range of unusual designs for both free-standing and wall clocks. These have been sold in galleries and also commissioned by several Cambridge colleges and libraries. My pictures are created using Mixed Media. I really enjoy the impact and directness of working with paint (often Guage), pen, pencil and other mediums. I find that by slicing up, re-arranging and removing parts of the image, I can explore contrast, depth and pattern. I'm inspired by many things, both man-made and natural, but particularly by domestic scenes. I enjoy working to commission in peoples homes. So much of ourselves, our family and lifestyle can be captured in a particular corner of a room or view through a house.