Ian Bracey
Modern and original hand-painted photography. Also photographer of landscape, cityscape and travel subjects. Cards, prints, originals and commissions.

I'm an engineer, photographer and artist mainly focused on landscape, cityscape and travel subjects. You can see examples of my work in the Hand Painted Photography Portfolio and my Photography Portfolio. You can also find lots more galleries of my work, my blog and photoblog on my website, .

I am probably not your typical photographer or artist, being a recently graduated structural engineer. I would probably be accused of being more at home with giant lumps of concrete and steel or pages of equations that with lighting and lenses. And while I do love engineering, I enjoy taking photographs. It's as simple as that.

Most recently I have been expanding into hand painted photographs on canvas. These are based on my original photography which has then been printed to canvas as an outline and then carefully painted in acrylic. I really enjoy making these and think they are a modern twist to hand tinted photographs.