Rosemary Cullum
oil painting on canvas
After graduating with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art in 2013. Currently studying at Anglia Ruskin University for a Masters Degree in fine Art.
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My work –is a response to the human experience and strives to tie the invisible threads between memories and the present. There are always stories buried in the past –some never surface. The things unseen and unsaid are often the most important. Viewers will be looking at the work from different perspectives and what they see will depend on many things – the materiality of the paint, the marks, the colours, the surface, these can mean nothing – or everything. Narratives and history, religions and ideologies manifest themselves in the physical reality of the paint and the tensions between shapes. Human activity creates division lines (often intended to separate one religion or culture from another). Spaces between these boundaries are explored in the work which often rejoices in imperfection space and emptiness. There may be no vanishing points, no frame, nothing may be shown except the imperfect lines of charcoal – everything is in the surface and the marks.

New studio under construction at Barn Studio, George Street, Willingham, Cambridge