Fernando Feijoo
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Prints & Pints
16 Mar 2017 -
18:00 to 23:00
Beer labelled illustration & print exhibition - Free entry
Prints & Pints
prints, artist books, illustration
Bold powerful expressive work represented in a variety of media. Sequential narrative images within a contemporary personal style. Prize-winning work.
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I see myself as a journeyman travelling around and absorbing all the different cultural differences and architectural styles when I visit a new city, and exploring life and conditions of the twenty first century, and these are then reflected throughout my work. My work is mainly sequential and narrative and sometimes I use the work of old masters such as Hogarth and Goya and re-illustrate their stories.


My work has a sense of humour within it even though sometimes I make images that reflect the darker side of human nature. I am interested in social and political issues and these often appear as the main theme within my work. My narrative images have hidden layers of information within them. I enjoy making work which constantly reveals new findings within it. The closer you are drawn into the image, the more you understand about the characters and the lives they lead.