Anna Tun
bronze sculpture
Working studio with finished bronzes and work in progress. Generally figurative work at one-third life size.
  • Visitors All Year
  • Tuition Given

Anna is particularly interested in capturing the beauty and complexity of the human form in three dimensions. A sculpture is a three dimensional snapshot of a four dimensional entity. That is to say the fourth dimension of time is encapsulated into the sculpture through the artist's prolonged observation of the subject. Anna's work has been inspired by past masters such as Auguste Rodin and Frederic Remington, and current masters including Victor Issa under whom she studied. She is a member of the Morley Sculpture Society in London where she has exhibited. Anna typically sculpts in soft clay, then works closely with a foundry. The finished clay model is transformed via a series of negatives and positives in rubber, wax and ceramic. Liquid bronze is poured to produce the final piece.