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Our realities are not static things, they are coloured by shifting memories of the past and moulded around desires we have for our future that are often based on imperfect notions of who we are and what reality is and can be.

When I dive it feels like I find a straight path through all of these things to a part of me that is at peace with my reality. I seem largely unable to connect with this place normally. When I look around me I find artifacts of my past overlay my present. These totems, stamped in time, I carry with me, they consist of images of hope and allow me to wonder and dream of an expansive future. The underwater landscape can be an illuminating place, with layers of humanity interlaced with wilderness. Your view is constrained, sounds move right through you, it is another world where your focus is heightened. It makes me feel alive, in a good way. Plus I can't go that often which helps to preserve its position in my esteem no doubt.

I produce mainly monoprints using silkscreen, but also use solar plates, and I acid etch and draw.
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I use art to combine the things I love, the natural world (particularly light and water),  the universe and graffiti. I like ambiguous spaces and hidden languages. I am currantly fairly obsessed with all things scuba diving and underwater.