Rebecca Ledzion
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Colour in a sun-bleached continent

The Australian landscape looks tired, faded and wornout from the relentless sun, but up close the textures are amazing and the colour vibrant.

Map of Australia

My "Map of Australia" is a collage of nearly 100 photographs on a wall on the landing. The photographs were taken on four trips and are arranged geographically, reflecting the colours of this amazing continent as if seen from the air. Here is a taster. You can order single images, sets of three or five, or the whole wall!

New Life in a Dark Drop

I was intrigued by the changing textures and shapes of these Shaggy Inkcap Mushrooms as they aged. They also seemed to having changing relationships between each other, as in our human communities. Taken in Sydney, Australia.

Lovely Edwardian home and garden reveals the vibrancy of Australia's flora and landscapes. "Clash of colour" in Cuba. "A view through" to Croatia.
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After the fun and success of the past three years, showing vibrant photographs taken on trips in Australia, this year I will be showing images of the colourful cultures of Cuba and Croatia. There must be something about the light in warm climates! My lovely Edwardian house and garden provide a welcoming backdrop to the visual vibrancy of Australia, the "clash of colour" in Cuba and "a view through" to Croatia. You can also see my studio with drawings and paintings in progress. I am compiling a photobook celebrating some of the children in my life -a photographic journey that would work well on the wall of just about any house. I think of myself as an old fashioned photographer who likes to be behind the camera, not in front of the computer. What you see, is what I saw.