Ruth Schmid
recycled textiles
Exhibiting with UNIT 13 Selection of artists of the Cambridge Art Salon @ Barnwell Business Park, Unit 13, Cambridge, CB5 8UY
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When I moved to Cambridge in 2002 I bought a sturdy sewing machine and started to design and make bags from coated materials. As my aspiration for design I use bright colour combinations. Some years ago I found a smashing advertising banner in a skip. This ignited my interest in turning all kinds of advertising banners into bags. I liked the fact that each bag was unique and different. Then I ran out of good quality banners. Looking out for alternatives I found a great new material that is very common in Cambridge – used bicycle inner tubes. It’s a great and versatile material to work with. Through my work they are reborn as unique bags and accessories like mobile phone sleeves, pencil cases and even armbands and rings. My designs are on display and for sale at The Urban Shed and Flat Planet Cycle at Kings Street  in Cambridge.