Rosemary Catling
painting, printmaking, drawing
New paintings, prints and college. Mainly figurative. Water as a metaphor plus plants and animals.Themes of ephemerality and absence. Pretty garden.
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My work is mainly autobiographical and often features women, water and lately animals . I am interested in the way that images change in meaning over time. Ageing is continuing theme. I draw from life or my own photographs.Recent works draws on images of empty rooms signifying absence

 The work often concerns the unknown future: children grow up and away to become part of the mass, pets die and we face the fact of our own mortality. It is autobiographical, but hopefully universal.

The fact that much of my work has a connection with water may be because it can be both supportive and treacherous, conveying a feeling of insecurity. It is also, of course, a metaphor for life itself. Humour plays a part also.