Vee Wallace
painting, acrylics, oil
Exhibiting with the Outside Edge group of painters, weekends 1 and 2, at St Cyriac's Church, High St, Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire. CB25 0LD
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Paintings towards the abstract, mainly in oils, some acrylics. Still life, trees and landscapes; still life paintings give familiar objects a second life. I try to convey the essence of the subject in a way that invites exploration rather than delivering the message whole. But my preferred subject is Landscape; scenes that have imprinted on the minds eye, often secured by a series of quick sketches for later use.

Painting in my studio I am able to choose my palette and therefore the mood of the work. It also enables me to jettison detail, paring the realistic to the virtually abstract, adding hugely to the strength of the image.