Noriko Sasaki
oil, pastel, and digital art
Figurative and semi-abstract of human forms. Movements of dancers expressed with colours/lines. Drawings and paintings, including digital arts.
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Human body is always interesting with its elaborate structure and delicate movement. I admire ballet dancers' grace and strength. Their amazing performances and stoic trainings are inspiration to me. In the last few years I joined several drawing workshops with a dancer as model, visited (or even participated in) ballet classes.
I draw and paint to express joy of movements and the music played with bodies.

Mobile devices such as iPad are handy for quick sketches. Now I am exploring them as painting medium as well.

When I moved from Tokyo to Cambridge more than 15 years ago to work as a translator, I started to learn life drawing for the purpose of resting my 'language brain'. Since then I've been loving drawing and painting with charcoal, pastel, oil, and watercolour.