Nina Sage
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Linocuts, Woodcuts and Wood Engravings

Linocut is probably my first love as I immediately felt at home the first time I picked up a gouge in earnest. I find it really satisfying creating a beautiful image from a humble floor tile!

I use both reduction and multi block methods and sometimes combine both to get the result I want. I often monoprint the layers as I like painterly effects. This means I tend to make variable editions.


In the Field

Many of my prints feature wildlife habitats and species I worked with in the field as a professional ecologist.

July Open Studios

relief printmaker
I am inspired by patterns and forms in nature and use a colourful but subtle approach, producing multi-layered prints. Water is a recurring theme.
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My prints are inspired by a lifelong love of the natural world and my experiences working as an ecologist in particular. Many of my prints feature species I helped conserve or have observed in the wild, or habitats I have worked in. I'm interested in creating prints rooted in landscapes that are meaningful to me and I'm also very excited by patterns and textures in nature. Reduction linocutting is one of my favourite methods as I like the element of danger! I love colour, creating subtly coloured prints in small variable editions. In my recent work I have focused on water, its movement and the play of light on it.  I also enjoy teaching printmaking workshops in my studio in Hilton. See my website for my details.