Nina Sage
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Linocuts, Woodcuts and Wood Engravings

Linocut is probably my first love as I immediately felt at home the first time I picked up a gouge in earnest. I find it really satisfying creating a beautiful image from a humble floor tile!

I use both reduction and multi block methods and sometimes combine both to get the result I want. I often monoprint the layers as I like painterly effects. This means I tend to make variable editions.


In the Field

Many of my prints feature wildlife habitats and species I worked with in the field as a professional ecologist.

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2019
Cambridge Open Studios 2019
fine art printmaker
I enjoy portraying the textures and forms of the natural world, using a colourful but subtle approach, producing multi-layered prints.
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My prints are inspired by a lifelong love of the natural world and my experiences working as an ecologist in particular. Many of my prints feature species I helped conserve or have observed in the wild, or habitats I have worked in. I'm interested in creating prints rooted in landscapes that are meaningful to me and I'm also very excited by patterns and textures in nature. I like painterly prints and sometimes my work can lean towards the abstract. Reduction linocutting is one of my favourite methods as I like the element of danger! I love the experimental nature of monoprinting and the freedom it gives me and like to combine monoprint with linocut, creating small variable editions. In my recent work I have embraced the challenge of woodcut and wood engraving. I also enjoy teaching printmaking workshops in my studio at home and evening classes at Swavesey Village College. See my website for my details.