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The Way of Tea (Chado)

Tradition is important to me, my master Fei Cheng Wu, was also an art historian, so I have absorbed the classical repertoire of Chinese painting. What I feel I'm beginning to achieve is harnessing that tradition to give voice to my own creative interpretation. It is this that is creating interest in my work in East Asia. How to be innovative within a traditional context is a continual challenge.

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New Paintings
31 Dec 2016 - 14:45 to 1 Jan 2017 - 18:45
Recent Paintings; Starts Gallery, Taipei
New Paintings

July Open Studios

ink and watercolour
Landscape,figure and flower painting in ink and watercolour on handmade papers, inspired by my love of East Asian culture. Also prints & cards.
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Peter Cavaciuti is a professional artist and lecturer, who lives and works in Cambridge. He studied Chinese and Japanese painting under the leading artists in the field. His continued research and study in Japanese culture and aesthetics, especially Chado (The Way of Tea) and Zen, have contributed to the colouring, subject matter and compositional formats of his painting. Peter works with Chinese ink and traditional pigments on handmade paper. His still life and floral images, inspired by his observation of garden plants, capture the beauty of his traditional subject matter. He is also noted for his landscapes, which have gained attention in Japan. Peter has exhibited in England, Japan, Switzerland and Belgium and has shown frequently at The Royal Academy and The Royal Watercolour Society. He teaches Far Eastern Painting in Cambridge and London. The Art Group publishes his work.