Louise Thomas
textiles, patchwork
Unique patchwork pieces made for you, your home or just for fun! Memorable pieces, creative patterns and bright colours.
  • Commissions Taken
  • Tuition Given

Designing and creating patchwork pieces is not only challenging but fun!

No matter whether you use the same fabrics for two different pieces, you will never end up with the same finished item twice - this is what I love about patchworking.

This will be my 3rd year participating as an Open Studio's member and it is the joy of sharing my work with likeminded others that brings me back, year upon year.

Not only do I work on large quilts and wall hangings, I also create smaller, everyday items like coasters, placemats and handbags - all of which will be available to view at my studio.

I invite both young and old, those who are seasoned quilters and patchworkers themselves or those who are just starting, and finally - I invite anyone who is inspired to start sewing. I welcome questions AND advice to help me better my work alongside ideas as to what to create next.

Milton is producing a number of artistic talents and this year is host to a range of artistic talents, including 's photography, 's mosaics, 's clay sculptures and paintings and 's illustrations.

I look forward to meeting you in the summer.