Cheryl Bird
jewellery, silversmithing
Handcrafted organic sterling silver & gold jewellery using sea glass, semi precious gemstones, dichroic glass and freshwater pearls.
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Most of my designs evolve from the initial discovery of an amazing bead, piece of glass or even a simple pebble found on the beach. Ideas can sometimes be instant or can take days or months but that's part of the fun. I often design whilst out walking, taking inspiration from my surroundings. Once at the bench though these ideas usually evolve and follow their natural path. I like textures and curves, both of which feature in my work. Whilst I work mainly in silver I do like to have accents of gold in my designs to add extra interest.

Sea glass features strongly in my work this year. Sourced from the northeast coast I have some beautiful blue, white , green and even yellow pieces.

My style is very organic and whilst I marvel at the intricacy and beauty of the Tiffany's and Boodles shop windows I'm a simple girl at heart.   

This will be my third year as a member of Cambridge Open Studios. Again I will be exhibiting in The Garden Studio in Milton with fellow jeweller and Open Studio member . This year we are also joined by landscape photographer and Open Studio member