Maree Allitt
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Handcrafted Contemporary Ceramic Pots

Handmade in our Cambridge studio the slab built porcelain clay ceramics are decorated using stencils and flat slip colours. In the final firing glaze is applied to certain areas, leaving others unglazed, making a contrast of matt and gloss surface finishes and giving the pieces animmediate tactile quality. These beautiful ceramics make quirky and individual presents for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. Alternatively, why not treat yourself to a unique and distinctive gift.

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021


Maree Allitt at Cambridge Contemporary Art
Slip decorated porcelain ceramics in the mixed winter show at CCA until 15th January 2020.
Maree Allitt at Cambridge Contemporary Art

Porcelain ceramic hand built pots – printed, patterned, unglazed areas contrast with rich gloss glaze.
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The pots are hand built, not thrown, and decorated with patterns of repeated simple geometric shapes that segment and define the form. Flat sheets of slip printed clay are cut and assembled into three-dimensional objects. Made from porcelain clay, for its whiteness, delicacy and strength, and fired to a high temperature, so the ceramic is non-porous, the pots are functional. But for me they are more objects in their own right, made for their intrinsic beauty rather than function.