Ninette Rubinstein
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Venetian theme 1



    Venetian Water-gates

    Hidden Arch

    Castellamare di Stabia

    Mesa III (part of triptych)

    Mesa I (part of triptych)


    Winter Birches

    Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 100 cm.

    Where land meets sea

    July Open Studios

    painting, prints
    Semi-abstract paintings, inspired by places, near and far.
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    My  images are  inspired by landscapes, coastal regions, geographical formations and cityscapes, they are abstracted to varying degrees. Sketches, photographs and memories are the starting point but then I let the process of painting take over.  Colour and texture are the main means  of evoking mood and expression.  I exploit the versatility of acrylic to create multiple layers and textures.