Caroline Brown
Photography dealing with the forces of humankind and nature, and how they shape the landscape.
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  • Cambridge Open Studios


    My practice is fine art based and deals with the merging of nature, architecture and history.  I am interested in the psycho-geography of place and by Utopian visions alternating with feelings of entrapment.   My projects are often centered on specific locations and use the immersive experience of walking in the landscape to uncover sense of place.


    Photographic and other artistic influences include the pictorialist photographers of the nineteenth Century; photographers of the recent past in Northern Ireland,  Paul Graham, Willie Doherty and Paul Seawright; contemporary British authors,  Richard Mabey, Robert McFarlane and Roger Deakin; and film makers in the poetic tradition of Andre Tarkovsky.


    My study of fine art photography has included degrees at the University of Westminster and Central Saint Martins and photographic research at the London College of Communications.  I have lived in Cambridge and London for the last 30 years and have exhibited and published internationally.