Matthew Dando
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People move in different ways, from the largest movement to the slightest twitch of the head. Their physical shape is affected by this, making some people seem larger than life and others blend into the background.

The words that come out of our mouths have intonation, purpose and force. These give our voices tone, shape and colour. How these words are interpreted, and the type of responses given, impact on the recipients and the people around them.

My paintings are a snapshot of the body language and the verbal communication I've experienced at points in my life.


I've been investigating shaping wood to represent natural movement. I've been considering the movement of wind, fire, smoke and water and how I can capture the essence of these elements in static forms.


July Open Studios

A visual and emotional exploration into natural movements that link to the elements and natural shapes.
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Whilst still continuing to paint large abstracts, I have decided to try my lifelong desire to shape wood.

The sculptures I am creating are made from planks of mainly reclaimed hard wood that have been shaped to reflect the natural movements related to fire, water and air. I'm aiming to create work that seems to move but also have an off-symmetry balance that seems natural.

On the same theme I am also exploring how to represent the solidity of the earth.