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Sound Installation in Schio, Italy

2 porcelain and platinum sound sculptures, suspended in front of a rough wall.

A series of geometrical images, were projected on the sculptures and the wall behind them, to create a movement effect. 


Materials: Porcelain and platinum 


500W rms

2 stereo channels

Woofer 170mm, aluminium basket

Tweetter: 28mm ceramic magnet, with silk dome

Lights: 3000W + Projector


Installation at the "Abitare il Tempo" exibition in  Verona Italy

5 sound sculpture in terracotta and bees wax, suspended over a circular pond.

The sound waves created corresponding waves on the water surface for a visual sound experience


Materials: Terracotta, beeswax, water, iron


Amplifier 800Wrms

5 stereo channels

Woofer 157mm, aluminium basket

Tweetter: 19mm, Neodmnyum 

Light: 1000W RGB


Victoria & Albert museum exibition.

Freewheeller is a round sound sculpture, create in collaboration with the artist Ron Arad.

Because of its shape and technology, you can roll this sound sculpture anywhere on the floor.

Materials: Lacquered wood.


wireless 100Mt

Amplifier 120Wrms,

Charge 8 hours

 2 way stereo

Woofer 157mm, aluminium basket

Tweetter: 19mm, Neodmnyum 


Roma, Villa Piccolomini

Sound and dance performance with Emiliano Pellisari

12 ceramic sound sculptures, suspended above audience and dancers, fully immersed in the sound experience.

Materials: Lacquered Ceramic 


reduction firing

2000W rms

8 stereo channels

Woofer 157mm, aluminium basket

Tweetter: 28mm ceramic magnet, with silk dome

Lights: TCS 5000W RGB



A sound installation in collaboration with Woody Allen jazz band.

136 platinum sphere ceramic


A sound installation by Francesco Pellisari

Music by Christopher Chaplin
Special guest Michela Varvaro

The performance took place at Cavea Arcari in Vicenza, Italy.
With special thanks to Paolo Andriolo, Andrea Cestonaro, Barbara Morseletto and Deborah Morseletto.

The Shape of Sound is a work that captures the invisible, ephemeral aspects of its spatial context and returns its own abstract representation. To do it, the author, Francesco Pellisari, uses the elements most familiar to him. Primarily the sound, a phenomenon that exists in the absolute otherness, being dependent on the medium that conveys it. Its physical and material essence is recovered and its sequences, timbres and patterns, common to organic forces, are revealed.

Then the water, where the sound is visible in mimesis and continuity with “the other” reflection; on its surface is captured the surrounding represented in the charm of the twilight and the blurring of detail. The liquid matter lives in its depth, activated by the vibrated echo of the acoustic phenomenon. The evanescent and the transitory around is represented, restoring to perception an unusual intensity.

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Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021


Venice Installation
Venice Installation
The shape of the sound wave
New speaker specifically designed for Apple
Brand new speaker line designed for Apple
 New speaker specifically designed for Apple

ceramics, sound, sculpture, design
Artist, designer and creator of audio sculptures for an omnidirectional sensory experience that involves all the senses. Sound and space become one.
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Omni- sound ceramic sculpture