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Oil Painting

Within this body of work I display two series of oil paintings.

Each painting within the first series communicate a concept or tells a story that I find much easier to express metaphorically than literally. The series has been inspired by certain transformative life experiences, enlightening concepts that have come about through reading, contemplation and self-reflection, and dreams that have left a strong imprint on my memory.

The paintings within the second series are of different sceneries that all share in common a magical element of light and colour. They have come about through my desire to further develop my technique of combining colour using oil paint in order to create a magical and glowing atmosphere, as well as to free myself up more creatively. (The paintings within this series has been painted using either HD wallpaper images found online, borrowed photographs or personal photographs as reference.)

Some of these paintings are still available for sale. Prices for original paintings range from £245 to £1125 according to size and content etc. Prices for specific pieces can be obtained through ing me via email.

Observational Drawing

This series of drawings has progressively come together through my love for running outdoors combined with my love for enjoying a coffee at a cosy bar or café whilst spending time with myself, a pen and a folded up piece of paper. Each drawing has been drawn from observation around London and Cambridge using black fine-line pen on paper.

Some of these drawings are still available for sale. Prices for original mounted drawings range from £45 to £160 according to size. Prices for specific pieces can be obtained through ing me via email.

Photo Illustration: Episodic Memories

This creative piece explores the formation of episodic memories. Episodic memories are memories that pertain to experience; they have a sense of self in them. Scientific research has demonstrated that our daily experience, which is continuous, is saved in memory as discrete events (or episodes) and it is when a salient change occurs within our daily experience that an event boundary is perceived. An event boundary is where one episode closes and another opens. 

What kind of event causes the registration of an event boundary? How is it that we place more weight on one event than another? Does the element of surprise have any significance in changing the way in which an episode is stored into our memory and if so, how?

I explore these ideas through the use of photography and photographic manipulation, combining elements of a number of different photographs that I have taken specifically for this project and assembling them together to form one image. 

This individual photo illustration is available to order as a print. Prices range from £40 to £85 according to size. Prices for specific prints can be obtained through ing me via email.

My Events

As Above So Below
Repeats every day until Thu Feb 28 2019.
21 Dec 2018 - 07:00 to 18:00
A magical solo art exhibition featuring paintings by Esther Yasmin.
As Above So Below
AmalgamART 'Meet the Artists' Evening @ The Edge Café
8 Jun 2018 - 20:00 to 22:00
Meet AmalgamART's artists Sarah Lucy Lee, Esther Yasmin and Ruth Hawkins at their Summer Exhibition at the Edge Café.
AmalgamART 'Meet the Artists' Evening @ The Edge Café
Creative Reactions Exhibition Launch
18 May 2018 - 19:00 to 23:00
Art Meets Science in Creative Reactions
Creative Reactions Exhibition Launch

July Open Studios

oil paint, pencils, inks, watercolour, photography, digital illustration, graphic design, video art, animation
Visual art that is either created through the imagination and reflects a magical realist nature or through observing my environment.
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I am an artist who’s work often reflects a magical realist nature; diving into the depth of complex ideas and simplifying them into a unified piece. At other times, the pure satisfaction of observing my environment and capturing my observations through drawing or painting is enough to keep me happily creatively occupied. The portfolio that I have chosen to display here on the Cambridge Open Studios website attest to these two different characters. 

The bold colours, strong contrasts and interesting angles of view with which I embellish my oil paintings and, more recently, photo illustrations reveal an intention to make pieces that begin taking on lives of their own the longer you observe them. My location drawings work differently in the sense that the focus is placed mainly on translating my observations of my environment into pure forms, structures and shadows. All of my observational drawings have progressively come together through my love for running outdoors combined with my love for enjoying a cup of coffee at a cosy bar or café whilst spending time with myself, a black fineline pen and a folded up piece of paper.

I currently hold a foundation diploma in art and design from Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts (CSVPA) and a bachelor’s degree in design from Goldsmiths, University of London. I have participated in and hosted a variety of art shows, fairs and exhibitions in various venues within Mexico City in Mexico, Paramaribo in Suriname and London and Cambridge in England.