Di Cope
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I consider myself to be, primarily an oil painter.

I consider myself to be, primarily, a painter of landscapes and buildings.

However, I am very interested in FACES.  I like the results of a face painted in oils, but I like the speed of the results when working in either charcoal or in conte crayon (the results are similar- but one in monochrome, and one with colour).  Here is a selection of portraits in each of these three media.

Oil painting and other media
Oil Paintings of Landscapes and Buildings, Portraits and various other subjects in pencil, charcoal and Conte crayon.

I am predominantly a painter of landscapes and village life paintings.

I paint the things around me- parts of my house, landscapes around, buildings near my home in Burwell, or ruins or seascapes.   I love natural light, and am currently working on a series of paintings with lots of sky!

I also use other media to make pictures- I like Conte crayons, charcoal, and pencil drawings.  I am drawn to a variety of subjects, but I do like the challenge of getting “a good likeness” in a portrait. 

I am very happy to take commissions- I love to have visitors to my studio, by arrangement- contact me for an appointment- I can put the kettle on :)