Ray Palmer
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Ray Palmer, sculptor in stone.

I started stone sculpture in 2007 after visiting Cambridge Art Works during one of their Open Studios weekend. A large piece of stone - Ancaster Weatherbed - was outside the sculptor's studio and visitors were invited to "have a go" at removing defined pieces with a mallet and chisel. Shortly after that experience I started sculpture under supervision of the professional sculptor about once a week. It was an enjoyable past-time and now that I have retired I share the studio so can sculpt more regularly. I have never lost my enjoyment of this artform and love discovering how different stone acts under the chisel and file.

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021
I carve in many types of stone.

I produce original and sometimes quirky work using a wide variety of stone, preferring stone from the British Isles but not exclusively. My subjects are various and are usually dictated by the type and shape of the stone before carving begins. Lately I have been using colour in some of my work particularly on heads to areas that would have had make-up applied and on hair and clothing. It may be unusual to do this but it's hardly original as stone was always painted in classical Greek and Roman sculpture.