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Winter at the Beach Exhibition
25 Nov 2017 -
11:00 to 16:00
'Winter at the Beach Exhibition' Waterbeach
Winter at the Beach Exhibition

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2018
Cambridge Open Studios 2018


Summer at the Beach
13 artist in one location, now that's what I call a bargain.
Summer at the Beach

acrylic and oil painting
My pictures derive from a delight in the world around, a play on the mundane and everyday that we slip through on our way to somewhere else.
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Gideon Pain is a painter who has lived and worked in Waterbeach for the past nine years. His pictures take inspiration from common place events in the everyday world around him. These have included the daily commute to a job in London, the growing up of his children and most recently time spent working on an allotment. ’I’ve have always been intrigued by how the familiar and mundane can seem strange and exotic if viewed from a slightly different perspective. Behind the mud, rain and slog a strange world of joy, surprise and tragedy twists and unfurls ready to be explored and charted.’