Paul Ashley
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Poetry & images

A new project exploring how poetry and images can be combined to strengthen each.

...... starting with the fragments of Sappho.

July Open Studios

Paul Ashley photographs people, in performance, at work and in their daily lives.

About me

I am a photographer living in Cambridge, UK. I take photographs for pleasure and on commission. 

I have a particular interest in:

  • Performance: music, theatre and dance
  • The activities of skilled workers and craftspeople
  • Portraiture, particularly on location or in places of work
  • Sustainable development, and how people are affected by, and can act on climate change.

I am the editor of the RPS Contemporary Photography journal.
I am a member and a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society.

Commissions and sales

I will undertake commissions in the areas I specialise in, illustrated by the examples on . To avoid disappointment, please note that I am not a wedding or baby photographer! I have no permanent studio, but borrow or hire venues for portraiture as required – I prefer shooting on location (indoors or outdoors).