What A Nerve exhibition, Cambridge Science Festival

17 Mar 2019 - 11:00 to 17:00
Special exhibition at the Cambridge Union Society debating chamber
9A Bridge Street
Disabled access: 

On Sunday 17 March 2019,  I was selected to take part in a special exhibtion during the Cambridge Science Festival.

The 6 exhibiting artists (Jo Tunmer, Charlotte Morrison, Elizabeth Fraser, Virginia Mayo, Liza Reid and Kelly Briggs), explore the disease bringing together stem cell researchers and MS affected persons. The result is a stimulating exhibition of art expressing disease, science and cells through acrylic, glass, paper, photography, paint and sound.

The exhibition, held inside the historic Cambridge Union Society debating chamber, is free and open for one only day from 11 - 5 pm. 

To attend the free Artists talk between 4 - 5 pm please .  

For further information please go to the

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Jo Tunmer